Sunday, June 21, 2009

Family Beach Trip

As promised I went to the beach again, I am trying to go with my family more this summer, ad I think last summer was thrown by the waste side a bit! This trip was a little different than our trip 2 wks ago to Treaure Island, this time instead of just the 3 of us, we went with my mommy group to honey moon island! It was so nice Of Krystal and Jay (very active members of the group) put on a "Pirate" show for the kids!
Lu always makes friends so quickly!

The kids had the cutest games to play like "Don't spill the swill" where they had to pass water to each other from bucket to bucket hoping not to spill, in this picture they are running down to the water getting ready to play!
There were a few games, I don't remember them all, some included bubbles, buckets, and instead of simon says it was captain says!

For all the kids effort and participation they recieved coins and with the coins they got "Loot". It was so great, each family donated some gently used books, or gently used toys that our kids didn't play with any longer, and that became the kids treasures, they had SO MUCH to choose from, infact each child got numerous toys and we still had alot left over to donate to the kids in need!
Everyone brought a snack to share, we played with our kids, chatted with the girls, and just had a ball! What a wonderful family beach day with my mommy friends and their hubbys!

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