Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Repurposing your child's old shirts!

I did a little sewing project tonight, I am still trying to decide weather I like it or not, but the only reason I am posting it, is because my dear husband thought it turned out cute! I am sure it will grow on me LOL! Maybe it was the fabrics I used or how I did it! Anyhow I have seen stuff  "like" it on other blogs but no tutorial, so I just kinda "put it together" how I thought it should be.

A mom in my mommy group brought me a bag full of clothing she got while thrifting, the whole HUGE bag for $5 bucks, some of them were WAY to big, others had a small hole, or stain so I decided to repurpose them. I cut off the portions of each shirt I liked .... turned them inside out and sewed together.

It was cute on my little Lu, she wears everything well! *In this picture it looks like the arm holes are too big but I promise its the way shes standing.* Anyways ...3 shirts =1 dress I think it would look cute with a pair of leggins. If you like it and would like step by step directions let me know & I would be happy to tell ya'll how!


  1. Wow what a great idea. Have a wonderful day.. Keep on sewing..

  2. I love this! Tell me your secret on how it's done!