Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kids In the Kitchen

I have nothing for you today ... we are still on winter break and have been really busy! I have also been SUPER-busy crafting and sewing have you noticed?? Since Lu and I didn't get to get in the kitchen this week, I thought I would share with you all her new cookbook that My dad and step-mom got Lu for Christmas :) I love when she gets cookbooks, her collection is almost as big as mine now!
This is a great little cookbook, it has things in it like Sandwhich cars, cheesy nachos, clown cookies, roasted veggies, chicken wraps, ect ect.

The categories in the book are "Food for Friends", "Mid-morning Snacks", "Afternoon treats", and "Party treats"
The main thing I like about Kids Cookbooks are the pictures, It gets Lu interested, and she wants to try to make her food item just like the picture *don't we all!*
We will be back next week with a great item, straight from this book so stay tuned!
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  1. Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. what a fun book... it looks like you will have a lot to make.

  3. I love books like these they are great for kids and parents and often very fun

  4. How cute! My boys might actually eat some of those treats - maybe I need to order one.


  5. This book looks like fun - I wonder if my local library has it to check out? Thanks!

  6. I enjoyed reading more of your blog today as my son finally napped, as last night I became a follower of yours but Had not time to read much. I love your sewing, I have a lot of fun craft ideas for girls, since I have a boy I rarely use them, follow me on my blog, so you can catch a few. I loved the muffin tin, idea.