Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Shower goodies!

I am telling you I wish I had a better camera, you know one of those fancy ones that make all your craft projects appear so nice and wonderful? Yah one of those. When I post something I think to myself "Man this sure does look betetr in person" but I gotta work with what I have so this camera will do for now :) This past week I was SUPER busy on the sewing front! I went to a babyshower yesterday ... My hubby has been recooperating all week from surgery so I stayed around the house to take care of him, and when he slept I sewed ... look at the baby gifts I gave that lucky gal!
She's going for a shabby chic/country garden look ... so thats the fabrics I chose!
The bib pattern I used was from an already existant bib I borrowed from a friend. And I attached velcro on the straps.
The burp cloths *they are rolled up and tied with a ribbon in this pic above* I just cut out 2 squares approximately 12x20 I use my choice of fabric and a pink terrycloth fabric for the back.
For the diaper clutch .. oh man I love this thing, I mean there comes a time when you don't need a HUGE diaper bag just a couple diapers, or when you run to the store for a couple mins and dont wanna take much this diaper clutch is genious! I follwed THIS tutorial.
I also made 2 binkie clips for her ... and forgot to take a picture I followed THIS tutorial except I used fabric instead of ribbon. I sewed (or hemed whatever the correct term is) the fabric, they were sooo cute I really wish I didn't forget to take a pic of those, and the fabric was SUPER adorable too!
However I did snap a picture of the diaper clutch open ... cute huh?!
And for her I also made 2 fabric flowers one for a headband and one for a clipie *my lovely model is trying them on*
This picture stinks ... but owell! I put all the stuff in a cute little basket and was on my way! The hostess of the baby shower like it so much she put my gift on a pedestal for "showcase" I was so proud of me! hehe! A little time and effort goes a long way! I would love to have homemade one-of-a-kind gifts rather than your store bought, everyone has it gift!
Happy Sewing!
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  1. The homemade gifts I received for my kiddos are definitely some of the ones I treasured the most- I'm sure this baby girl is gonna look adorable in these!

  2. Very cute! I'm hoping my preggo friend has a girl so I can finally make girlie things!

  3. what a thoughtful (and pretty) gift!

  4. I love this espcially the hair clip - do you have a tutorial for this? I would love to make one for my baby! What nice gifts! :)