Monday, January 18, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

Today we did MTM at my sister's house, you all know my sister right? Bran over at Adventures of a Flake, yah well she had me enlisted in a sewing project *that I wil lpost about later this week so stay tuned* so i've been to her house twice in 1 week, which is alot seeings how's I live almost 2 hrs away! No school for the kiddos today MLK day!

Top Row: pears, cheese, ham
Bottom Row: coleslaw, air head, roll
Lu was so sweet she had 90 cents and really was itching to spend it bc she is usually good at "saving" so she bought a pk of 6 airheads for 86 cents (so that everyone could have one) so we included it in their lunches :) I was so proud of her for sharing!

and they all had a picnic in the living room! So much fun huh! No theme for MTM today which worked out well for us!


  1. I love that she shared too. Nice tin!

  2. What a sweetie your daughter is.
    I love the picnic. Makes me wish summer was here already.

  3. what a kind little girl you have.

  4. So sweet that she wanted to share!