Monday, January 25, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday-ABC's & 123's

Today's MTM theme was ABC's & 123's we choose to do ABC's. Lu is always super hungry after school, probably because her class eats at 11:00am which is crazy if you ask me because school doesn't start until 20 mins till 9am so they eat a couple hours after they arrive ... hmm! Glad I pack her a snack everyday!
We did an afternoon snack for our MTM!

A is for Apple
B is for Banana
C is for Craisins
I was actually gonna do 3 apples, 4 banana's (which I did do) and 5 craisins, but 5 craisins I thought was nothing not enough, but little squirt over here saw what I was going for, counted 5 craisins and thats all she ate...little stinker! :)

And of course we put in p-nut butter for good measure ... She LOVES to dip!!! Who doesn't?? Happy Monday All!!


  1. We love peanut butter! Cute snack. =]

  2. awesome. also. my girls love to dip. but what they'll do is dip the apple. and lick off the caramel/pb/etc. and then re-dip. they'll dip until all the dip is gone. and the original apple slice remains. it's sad, really.

  3. Yummy! Love the little footy tins, happy MTM :)

  4. My son has a similar school schedule is walks in the door so hungry every day. I have to plan out some MTM snacks. Very cute!

  5. Cute, I saw these muffin holders & thought about purchasing them too - they are cute! Nice job! :)