Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heating/Cooling Rice Pack

I sewed this tonight, in 15 mins! Isn't it great? I have BAD back problems and I thought it would certainley help! I have alot of friends who get migrains so I thing I am gonna make some gifts :)

I used a 13x13 piece of flannel, sew the right side together on either side (long side) hemed the two short sides, then sewed one side together, put 2 cups rice and 6 drops of lavender, then sewed the other side and VOILA!!! Thats it! Put a matching ribbon on it, if I were to give it away the ribbon would be cute! and there you have it!

Lu didn't wanna get up LOL! However as I am typing I noticed Joshy stole it, heated it up and is using it on his head *bc he has a bad headache today* he says its wonderful! I think so too and I better get making some more so I can actually have one for myself, cuz I think this one has dibs on it by both Joshy and Lu! Happy Sewing!


  1. Simple and thoughtful - this is a great gift idea!

  2. Ohhh, I love this too! The ribbon makes it so much cuter!

  3. cute - I have been wanting to make these myself! I love that you added the ribbon to it! :)