Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kids In The Kitchen- Snowflake Cups with Mousse

Today has been one of those mornings! We do/did have cookies to show you ... but you can imagine my frustration as for some reason my computer is deciding not to read my flah card ughhhh! When and if I get this stinking technology stuff working right I will upload some photos of my darling Lu cooking!

We made Snowflake Cups with pomegrante mousse shown at Gourmet mom-on-the-go

They were good but the filling was SO SOFT .. it just kinda leaked out of the cups! Hoever we made a chocolate filling that was pretty good.

Choc Mousse Filling:

1 tbsp coco

2 1/2 tbsp sugar

1 C whipping cream

beat them all together and fill the cups! The chocolate mousse filling held real well in the cups and they were pretty!

Some friends of mine were over, and they liked both fillings, both of them said they taste like "mini cream pies" I think they were good too, but not worthy of Christmas Gifts. So I am nixing these right off the list! I did find a few last night that I wanna bake, but If I don't get movin Christmas will have passed by and I will still be doing trial cookies! :)

Please Link all you Cooking and recipes up to Mr. Linky! Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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  1. fancy! I might give these a try - they look like hard work...but so simple!