Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kids in the Kitchen- Dipped Cherry Cookies

Happy Thursday and Welcome to Kids in the Kitchen, I am still on my search for the best holiday cookie, which by the way if you have a great cookie recipe let me know!
I love this pictire of Lu multi taskin its too cute shes cutting in cold butter while mixing :)
Here she looks like shes holding down the entire fort, trying to chop those cherries.
And of course you can not finely chop white choclate any other way than with a chopper!!!
I think the dough was her favorite part ... she got so messy then licked her hands for 5 mins, oh the joys of being a kid! Finished product ... mmm heres the link for the instructions on how to make them, they were super good, my hubby was popping one in his mouth every 3 mins bc they were soo small! I just wander if they are good enough for gifts??
Please link up all your great kids recipes, cookbooks, children in the kitchen snack ect.... Can't wait to find out which cookie Im making next week!


  1. Yum! I posted a yummy christmas cookie recipe a week or two ago. Here is the link for you.


  2. Sounds yummy! Hopefully I can do some more Kids in the Kitchen post soon! I love having my boys help in the kitchen!

    I LOVE your new header picture! That is adorable!

  3. Fun! Sounds delicious! She is getting to be quite the baker. You must be so proud of her!