Monday, December 21, 2009

Cookie and Ornament decorating!

I'm telling you Christmas is my all time favorite! Even though I run around like a chicken with my head cut off ... buying toys, making presents, baking, cooking, getting photos done ect ect... those special moments, the parties, gatherings, get togethers, the family OH how it makes it all worth it!
Last night we attended a "cookie decorating party" with my bible study ladies and our families, I tell ya the kiddies really enjoyed the cookie decorating! I think there were about 15 or so kids there! Way too much toppings ... but thats the fun part right? All the sprinkles and M&M's
Look at that sugary mess .... HOLY COW!!!
And no I did not let her eat it all ... that one bit you see her taking was her only bite, LOL!

Then the kiddies made some ornaments, the glitter glue was a hit with Lu she loves that stuff, and while all the other kids colored with markers, not my Lu her ornaments were entirley painted with glitter! Oh atleast they sparkle :)
And she sure is proud!
They went straight on the tree when we got home! And the cookies in the garbage (but don't tell her ... HAHA she would have gotten a super sugar attack) But mommy got to bring home about a dozen different kinds of cookies all the other ladies made, and they are super good, I hope I don't eat them all!!


  1. Looks like a perfect time!

    Kristi from Miller Moments
    (I've also started a new blog, thus the new name)

  2. what a fun night. I am making cookies this week too.

  3. Those cookies remind me of the ones my kids made last many sprinkles/toppings! Ugh. It just made me sick watching them eat the cookies. ;) What a fun idea to have a cookie party!