Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun Christmas Pictures

Do you ever have the problem with taking too many pictures and trying to siff through the BEST ones? But they are all the best because its pictures of the people you love! I took way too many pictures over the holidays, way more than you would all like to see ... LOL But I thought I would post all the "open mouth pictures" the ones where Lu is so excited her mouth drops LOL! I've also included one of my family above, I know we are one handsome bunch!
The night before Christmas, all excited dancing around the living room in her new Hannah Montah nightgown!
See what I mean! Flies could fly right in that trap :)
Love that look, she put those boots on RIGHT away!
Uh-huh every 6 year old girl loves Taylor Swift! Get ready mammas if your child hasn't hopped on that bandwagon yet!
I probably have enough open mouth pics to do 3 or more post! So Thankful my child gets excited over little lifes joys!
More pictures to come throughout the week! Check here for more awsome pictures!


  1. Very cute post. Her expressions remind me of my son, C. He always looks so excited in photos.

  2. Oh I love all of the fun she had. My two year old loves Taylor Swift.. Have a great New Year..

  3. I want a little girl just so I can buy those Disney Princess Dolls! Soooo cute!

    Kristi (Miller Moments)

  4. Those family pics (from Xmas & in your header) are adorable- they really capture the age don't they?

  5. Those are some great pictures. I downloaded pictures from the last week yesterday and had 104. After I'd cleaned out the ones I didn't like. Yikes :)

    And Taylor Swift at 6? I'm in so much trouble. Sometimes I'm grateful that my girl is the younger sibling! :) Merry Christmas!

  6. Those are adorable pictures. I have a hard time finding the pictures I want to use too!

  7. She just has the greatest expressions!

  8. Hi Sherry! I received a Blog Award and am passing one along to you :)