Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kids in The Kitchen Ham Casserole

WOW! I am seriously late today with my Kids in the Kitchen post. I've been working all morning, I got beind and its been super busy because of the holiday season of course. For a change we actually made dinner together last night instead of dessert! We needed to mix it up a bit :)!
We baked EVERYDAY last week for different functions, holiday parties, church, friends, exchanges ect ect... so we are all sugared out!!! I extracted the recipe form here, the only thing that I did different was to cook it in the oven longer that way it isn't as "runny" we like our food to be thick and hearty!
Lu helped me grate the cheese, which she loves to do!
And she filled the bowl with goodies, like ham, potatos, corn, & butter.
She loved that I let her cut the green onions with scissors, I believe that was her FAV part!!!
Of course no meal is complete without MORE cheese!
Isn't she a beauty???

Please Link up with all your Kid Friendly recipes, Kids in the Kitchen, Kid friendly cookbooks or anything with the kids in the kitchen!


  1. I have a really great kids in the kitchen activity but we aren't going to have time until Saturday. I'll come back and post then.

  2. How great!! Emily loves cutting green onions with kitchen scissors too. They work great for herbs and even strips of bacon. Looks like Lu had a lot of fun!