Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cupcake Ornaments

LOOK at these BEAUTIES!!! I just love them!
I helped "host" a baby shower last night, and the theme of the shower were cupcakes.
My job was to make decorations, favors, and help set up.
It took me forever to come up with a favor idea, I had a ton of ideas but nothing seemed quite right.
However when I saw this tutorial I was hooked!
Because the shower is in December and it's Christmas time and it was a cupcake theme what better than a cupcake ornament? PERFECT

On the table I set them all up and wrote a note to all the guest:
Take one and hang it on your tree, and everytime you glance at it, please pray for baby and me!

And of course I snuck about 5 or 6 ... maybe 7 ok you got me, for my tree :)


  1. I think these are the BESTEST favor ever- and your poem is just the cherry on top!

  2. So cute!!! Did you do the mini or regular size??

  3. I've been dying to make one of these! Thanks for the idea!

  4. These are sooo cute!! I might try and make some for my kitchen tree!! What a great idea for the shower, very creative and the cute poem tops it off!!