Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kids In The Kitchen- Circus Peanut Pumkins

I don't know about you guys but I get alot of my ideas and or recipes frum Family Fun Magazine, thats my fav magazine on the PLANET! I needed something simple this week (What week do I do anything hard anyways) Keeping with my Halloween Theme this month I decided to Have Lu make these how much more simple can you get folks? She did do just about everything herself ... but the best part was we actually had *FUN* and *LAUGHTER* over the different shapes and concousions we were getting outta these circus peanuts.
This is simple: The original recipe called for gum drops, but this is what I used.
Circus peants, GREEN mike and ikes (we cut just the top pointy parts off and used those for our stem, you will see further in the post, and that is what we had on hand) and of course a toothpick. Can get any better than those few itemsFirst we rolled and pulled and shaped our circus peanut into a ball ....
Then take your tooth pick and poke a little hole at the top where your stem goes, then start making your wrinkle lines that pumkins have *with the toothpick*
We then cut the top of the mike n ike (notice my hand over hers, she was quite nervous of the candy rolling away) After that all you need to do is press the *stem* into the *pumkin*And voila little pumkins! Its just truly amazing the fun and laughter you can have over a couple circus peanuts! If you haven't done this I suggest trying it! It only cost me $1 for the peanuts, I had everything else on hand!

Please grab my button and join right in. Share your favorite snack ideas, kid friendly cook books or recipes, ways to get your kids to eat their veggies, or pictures of kids in the kitchen. I get so many great ideas from the particpants and the more ideas the better!


  1. These are so cute. I cut that out of FAmily Fun last year :)

  2. She just looks so grown up in these pictures. Those pumpkins are pretty cute!

  3. Oh, I saw this last year and thought about attempting it, but didn't get to it. I love the pics and the "how to". They really are super cute pumpkins. Thanks for sharing...and Mikayla and I finally got into the kitchen this week, so we're joining in!

  4. Totally cute. We also cut things with my hands on theirs or theirs on mine, depending on the age and what needs to be cut. It's great experience for them and gives them such confidence that they can do it themselves :)