Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Trees and Pen Pals

I don't know if any of you remember my post here in search of kids doing a letter exchange with Lu. After we wrote and recieved all of our letters Lu expressed interest in continuing to write this little girl, we will call her E.(Its me who forgets to send the letter out ... I promise Sarah after this post I am on my way to the Post office LOL) E and Lu now are writing back and forth *which is great for handwriting practice at this age* Last night Lu informed me that before I send out her letter to E she needed to make her a FALL tree. *That Lu has been reading way to much of my family fun magazines* So she actually made 2 trees one for me and one for E.
And she was so proud. It was so easy! I took a sponge cut in into a couple pieces and let her go to town with some paint. I did learn something new from my sister yesterday when I didn't have brown paint on hand ... if you mix yellow, red, blue, and green you come up with brown :) its not exact science but It does take a few tries or an extra couple squirts of this color or that color to get the brown you want, but now I will never have to buy brown paint :)
I just thought this was a cute photo Lu writing her letter and making funny faces!! LOL silly girl!
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  1. It's great that Lu has a pen pal. The tree came out great.

  2. WE made those trees in preschool this week. I think they are so pretty.

    Thanks for linking.

  3. The kidlet's kindergarten class has a "class tree" outside thier window and I guess they do pictures of it at various times of year. This past week they did the same sponge painting craft of it. It really comes out so beautifully for such a simple project! fun fun

  4. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  5. LOL - I am so behind (Just now getting to read the KFF posts :) E loves writing back and forth and the lag time in between letters is prefect. Builds anticipation and doesn't burn them out. I love that they are getting practice writing letters. They'll get to email soon enough!