Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kids In the Kitchen - Halloween

This week has not been a very good one. Infact I have nothing to show you guys, I have been layed up in the bed all week with a kidney stone (THANK GOD its now passed) but I didn't have the strength to cook/bake or fake my happiness in the kitchen this week :( sorry about that! Instead though I have scowered the internet and I am linking you guys up to some cool Halloween treats out there that could eaisly be made with the kiddos!!!

The Picky Palate has some insanely great ideas with Oozing Apple Mouths, Bug-apiller Banana Dude, & Breadstick Mummy Dogs

Check out these Icky Intestines over at Canary Girl
These "Lady Fingers" are sure to get the kids a little spooked out!

Of course Family Fun never has a shortage of ideas!! I love their take on Salty Bones, These Eyeballs look EASY PEASY to make, The Cheese-Finger Food is to cute and what kid doesn't like cheese, And i just love their Pizza Mummies

You also get alot of good ideas when you stop by Bakerella such as her Trixed out Treats, I've been eyeing these Pumkin Pie Bites for weeks, Of course here Halloween Pops are to cute as well!

Fun Snacks 4 Kids also shares a few Halloween Treats ... really easy for the preschooler to make!

Last week Adventures of a Flake left some really good ideas on what to do with a Cooking Pumkin!

And Finally The Decorated Cookie has some super CUTE Monster cookies the kiddos would be sure to love!!

I hope I have given you guys some good "References" to check out get in the "Halloween Spirit" And I will be back next week with some great new stuff from the Kitchen of my Little Lu!

If you haven't joined us before, please just jump right in! Grab a button and Link up! As you can see it could be Any Kid-Friendly recipe, A Blog you think whips up some great treats, Your Favorite Childs cookbook or recipe, and as always your children cookin right along side of you in the kitchen always works too :)


  1. Kidney stone... yikes! Oh, I do hope you feel better. I'm off to check out the links you've provided, looks like fun!

  2. Oh no Sherry. Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for all the links.

  3. I'm glad you were able to pass it! These are wonderful links...Meara and I are going to have fun making some of these!! I looked over your blog and LOVE that you and your daughter spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking together. She looks like she really enjoys it! You are building some lasting memories together! Thanks for visiting my blog and for you sweet comments! :-)