Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finger Painting Pumkins

Wow this week has been super crazy!!! I feel like I haven't blogged at all!!! *Probably because I haven't really* We are trying to get into the Halloween Spirit around here!! Infact we were out shopping last night for Lu's costume *Fancy Nancy At Bedtime* how cute is that right??? And then at our last playdate we FINGER PAINTED pumpkins...I thought this was so much fun because even the littlest of little kids could participate! *Since I try real hard not to put pictures of the group on here there will only be a FEW of Lu bc most of the pictures I took had her plus others in it*

I put out Black,White, and Orange paint *Lu was the only one that used a brush, she was the oldest and most technical there LOL* I even had to go get her sequins to fancy her pumkin up!

And it was alot of FUN! If you haven't finger painted pumkins do it, they make for nice display on the coffee table or center of dinning room table :)
Im a day late but still gonna link up to Kid Friendly Friday and We Made it Showcase Friday!


  1. How cute!! Lu looks like she is very intent on her work, and I love how she used sequins too... wow!

    We made a tiny pumpkin patch playset today. You should come check it out. Pumpkins can be so much fun!

  2. Great idea! Wonder if we can do them in the bath tub to save a step?