Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordful Wednesday- Pre Wedding Photos

I am so excited that its FINALLY Wordful Wednesday, I decided to save these pictures for this post, they are only a couple days old so I didn't have to wait long :).
I know these look like normal pictures of me and Joshy, but they are actually infact our PRE-wedding photos, we are getting married NEXT WEEK! (its coming up on me soo fast) and because we've decided to have a small wedding with just a SELECT FEW of our friends/family (and I do mean a few like 4 people) we wanted everyone to have pictures, and also because we will have a reception soon after the honeymoon, with all of our friends/family I wanted to send all of our invites a nice photo! Didn't they turn out SPLENDID? I love them! I just wanna run out and get them all blown up and put them EVERYWHERE in the house!!!! My dearest friend Christina took them, shes wonderful, did such a good job! And I just wanted to share them with you all!! The top one to the Left is Joshy's fav!
This is my fav, I love the blue pole and my red hills :)
and this one, I simply wanted to share, because I don't have many pics of Joshy truly smiling, hes a fake smiler picture taker LOL This is one of my second favs (and yes we are both displaying our wedding bands, that are now safely put away until the official I Do's, they were just needed for the picture)Love the door!We are walking away into the sunset, to our HAPPILY EVERY AFTER!!
Happy Wednesday, to see more great photos go here, here, and here

Photos are property of Christina Rulig, please do not copy them for any reason.


  1. What great photos and congrats on your up coming wedding.

    Stopped over from Angie's place.

  2. Congrat's on the upcoming wedding. Sounds like you are very excited.

  3. Congrats, congrats! Can't wait to hear about the wedding!

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Savor every moment!

  5. Beautiful photos of you both! So looking happy and blissful.

    Advance warm greetings on your upcoming wedding! :)

  6. Congrats and I hope you two have a lovely wedding day and marriage.

  7. These are beautiful! You both look very happy - and his smile looks fine in all of them. Congratulations! Have a wonderful weekend~