Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally The Foamerator

It seemed like it took us forever to make the foamerator, after it came out in the Family Fun magazine that we get Lu wanted to do it so bad, then I saw it on every blog I like to look at, and we kept pulling bottles out of the recycling bin but something else came up instead! So I am glad we finally did it, and Lu had tons of fun!!! She blew some mean foam bubbles ....
and blew them around the yard!!!
and then chased her mother with the suds....
too bad her mother is quicker than she is LOL ..... :) However we had a BLAST, we will do it again, and saved out bottle and cut up terry cloth for next time!
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  1. We did this too - what fun...lots of bubbles!

  2. I love that picture of her running after you!

  3. I did this a year or two ago and I remember Abby ended up eatting bubbles. I need to try again now that she is older. Love the pics.

  4. We had SOOO much fun with this