Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kids In The Kitchen- Back to School Snack Ideas

Hi ya'll, I'm BACK!!! (from my honeymoon that is!!) we got back late this evening! Oh boy was it the most relaxing 5 days ever! If you've never been to the Keys, you should go, its like an entirely different world! And I will be posting some wedding and honeymoon photos as soon as I can download all the pictures *theres probably 2-300 of them! I'm a photo snapping crazy lady, then of course I have to do some blogging catch up!

So, since its been aparent I have not been home, I have not been in the Kitchen with Lu this week, I actually have some things I could use that I haven't posted about before when Lu and I have been cooking together, but I decided to forego that and put some different kinds of snacks and trailmix recipes on here since school is starting REAL soon! I must say that apples, gogurts, cheesestix, and raisins may be a good quick snack for the kiddos, but Lu got tired of them real fast last year, and at her school they request a snack be sent everyday, so this year I am getting smarter and snagging all these great ideas from other bloggers, magazines, and genuis moms so that my little Lu doesn't complain quite as much. And if you guys have a great snack you give your kids, let us in on the secret.

First up I am putting down the Muddie Buddies that I made last week for my KITK post, Lu loved those, and after we made them a light bulb in my head went *ding ding ding* great snack item!

I have a whole bunch from Family Fun magazine *who doesn't just love that magazine?? So heres the Snowy Trail mix that I could gobble up myself, then going along with mixes you've got the Monkey Mix and Sticks and Stones Of course you could always do their version of Animal Chips ... how stinkin cute is that? Lu Loves animals, so I am certain it will be a BIG HIT! Then of course they have the Chew on This Pencil, I love this, I think kids would get a KICK outta it! I could certainly go on forever with Ideas from Family Fun, I love the magazine, read it every month, but I will move on to something different now!

I also found these Choco-Nana Pops/Sushi on Little Nummies, these are quite darling.

I love the Blog Fun snacks for Kids she features some great stuff, like this Popcorn Pack a snack and Mini Cracker Sandwhiches these Healthy Butterflies are SO CUTE too, so easy to make, and kids would LOVE them!

Heres a great Granola Bar recipe

I also just had to add these Edible Crayons in for FUN!

And this idea from The Clark Clan is very neat, makes the kids feel independant!

And of course you could always go with the traditional Ants on a Log, Apple ladybugs, and cheese on crackers.

Anybody else have great back to school snack ideas? Post em' let us in on the goods!

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  1. Can't wait to see some pictures! Off to check out some of your links...thanks :)

  2. I can't wait to do the edible crayons for school snacks! Adorable - and easy!

  3. Thanks for sharing these great school snack ideas! We have to send a snack every day too, and it's so hard finding something that won't get yucky by snack time! Can't wait to try some of these.

  4. Thanks for all the snack links, so useful.