Sunday, August 30, 2009

Magazine Bead Earrings

I wanted to share my new jewelry making adventure with you all! I've been dabbling here and there with making jewelry for "fun" ever since Christmas when my grandma came for a visit, she makes everything and jewerly is something she taught me I seemed to like and "pick" up on! Well lately I haven't been doing much, really because there isn't enough hours in the day! Recently my dear friend Christina taught me that accents/accessories really make your outfit lovely! On my 9 hour trip home from our trip to the Keys I decided to make these beads from one of my fav blogs (Frugal Family Fun) ... Lets just say in 9 hrs you can have plenty of beads (Thank goodness I brought along magazines from home!) I decided to make these earrings, I think they are too cute! Don't ya'll? Even though the colors don't match EXACTLY, I think they make a statement! I have many more different colors I am wanting to makie, I think a yellow pair will be gorgeous, and my next dabble will be newspaper beads, what a statement that'll make!

the pictures just don't do justice, I think this is picture number 105 I took, and I just can't get a stunning picture! But they are pretty dern cute in my ears, and Lu is begging for a pair, I think I will have to make those ones less dangle like!


  1. Very cool! I'll have to bring over my macro lens and get some pictures for ya!

  2. They are very cute, by the way!!

  3. They look great!! Wow, was this your first time making these? I'm really impressed with how they turned out. Very cool!!