Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break Re-cap!

Warning: Picture overload!!!!
If you can't go on Vacation during Spring Break I say bring the Vacation to you!! I made sure Lu and I did something each day during her spring break to make it fun and memorable!
Monday we visited Lu's cousin's and went to the nearby Spray Park, fun day!
On Tuesday we went to see 'How to Train A Dragon' with some of Lu's favorite friends: cute movie!!
On Wednesday we hit the beach and boy am I thankful the beach is just 10 mins away! We will be there alot this Summer!!
On Thursday: Not pictured :( We visited the 'Tea Room' where Lu dressed up in all their neat clothes, hats and boa's and we had fancy tea sandwhiches.
On Friday we picked lots of yummy strawberries, here in FL bc of the weather they are trying to get rid of the strawberries and fast, its been a bad season, so they were a dollar a pound, not bad!
And lastly Saturday Laney went on the boat with some friends and Joshy, I couldn't go bc of the pregnancy and the rough tide, but lucky I was able to drive and meet everyone up for dinner and some fishing :)
Hopefully you all had a GREAT Spring Break too!!!


  1. What an eventful week! I bet the tea room day was totally cute! I don't think I knew you were preggo so congrats :)

  2. arsty momma- I am 13 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. I have posted a couple "entries" about it and our journey to get preggo. stay tuned and I will update as I get further along :)