Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Felt Flowers!

I have been crafting AGAIN! :) And behind on many posts, but I will get around to it! I have friends that are popping out babies everywhere LOL! So I've been makin bibs, burp cloths, bow ties, binkie clips, felt flowers, hairbows, you name it I'm doing it! And pretty soon I will be makin my "new" little one some great stuff!
Felt flowers have been all the rage for a little while now so I tried my hand at them!
And this is what I came up with!
you like? *excuse the crappy pictures, I don't know what is up with my camera*
Its easy ... the blue one is just a flower I cut in different sizes! And the grey and pink one tutorial found here however I did change it up a big, I made the felt longer and wrapped it twice for more depth and volume.
I put little alligator clips on the back of them and they are ready to wear!


  1. Those will just be adorable in any sweet baby girl's hair...glad to see you crafting again!

  2. Heeeyyyy...these look familiar! ;-) Thanks again!