Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kids In The Kitchen Hamburger Casserole

I do realize alot of you will take a look at this dish and ask me if I've lost my mind! But I haven't ... Its looks like dog mush and sounds a bit weird, but I think it is pretty good, however I don't cook it often because my dear hubby isn't in love with stuffing! So here goes .. Hamburger Casserole
brown and drain ground beef, in a bowl combine beef and 1 can Chunky Vegatable soup.
Don't you love Lu's consentration to open the can? I think its cute!
prepare a box of stuffing according to directions and combine that to the beef mixture and stir really well. Then dish into casserole dish, Lu started patting it down, it was quite funny! After you dished half of the mixture, put some shredded cheese over it, then dish the rest of it on top.
And top with more shredded cheese ... bake on 400 degrees for 35-40 mins and ENJOY! I think it taste pretty good and its super cheap to make =)
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  1. wonderful..

    I have awards for you on my blog.. Stop on by...

  2. Gotta love super easy and cheap!

  3. I love this! Lu is quite the chef!! She'll be a big help for you when baby #2 comes around. :-)

  4. I will have to try this recipe. I make a hambuger casserole but with tator tots and cream of mushroom soup.

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  6. It is really close to a recipe we do called "Dogfood" (the kids love it!)