Monday, April 5, 2010

Muffin tin Monday and More

Lu is on Spring Break this week, so I let her have a sleep over with her cousins last night, and this morning I went to pick her up *which is an hour and a half away* so anytime I go we spend the whole day we took the kids to the water park and had a picnic in our muffin tins!
We fixed leftovers from Easter:  Deviled eggs, strawberries, connect 4 candy game, rye bread, kielbasa, and veggies w/ dip.
The kiddies enjoyed playing in the water! While the girlies showed off ...
the boy relaxed LOL! Such like a little boy to find a cozy little spot!

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  1. MTM at the Water Park- you ARE an awesome Mom!

  2. how fun..

    Happy Spring Break..

    My Round Robin is this Friday if you want to stop by..