Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kids In the Kitchen

I am getting really BAD at blogging lately I'm sorry. Hopping that you will all bear with me for the time being. Combined with a little morning sickness, ALOT of tiredness, and a cold :( I have been off my game AGAIN this week. Florida has been having hot and cold weather like crazy which is causing a little bit of a bug.
So this week I have decided to link some of my past favorite Kids In the Kitchen Recipes ... I hope you enjoy looking back. I plan to do next week what I had planned for this week.

This Pizza Bake we made was delish, so much infact that I made an Alfredo Bake to "spin off" of it and its become a staple ... YUM
I think these Blondies are yum, never made them before this, they are great alone or with some ice cream :)
One of my hubby's favorites is our Tator Tot Casserole it is good!
One of Lu's favorites was these Popcorn Balls

We've made many many things over the course of our "Kids In the Kitchen" posts, most of which have been new to us, alot that have been fun and exciting and some that have been "bloopers" which is not often shown :) I do have fun getting into the Kitchen with Lu and will continue to posts about it. I hope you all stick around to see what we have in the future and for more great ideas from all of you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I'll give them a try with my little ones!

  2. I love strawberry season here too!! My son could eat a pint a day!