Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday-RED

Okay, not only did I do Muffin Tin Monday on time yesterday but we did it at lunch because it was President's day and there was no school, but have you know my stinkin computer crashed :( It was out of commision for a whole day and using my husband's comp was like being a fish outta water. Thank goodness his IT guy showed him how to fix it and quick :)! So I know I am late posting, but better late than never!
The theme of MTM this week was RED! And Lu had "red" iceing with pretzels, bow tie pasta with "red" sauce, red strawberries, and red raspberry applesauce! Good lunch! Sorry I'm so late!


  1. Looks like she enjoyed it! Sorry about your computer troubles.

  2. Red icing with pretzels sounds great! I love computer, but when they don't work it is so frustrating.