Sunday, February 7, 2010

Littlest Pet Shop Bag

Little Lu LOVES to take a toy to wherever we go, weather it be the store, the movies, dinner, whatever she "needs" to bring along a toy, I usually only let her take one small one so her hands are not full and ALL the time she grabs a littlest pet shop figurine ... well my neice also likes pet shops, it is her birthday today *Happy Birthday Lis* Lu picked her out a toy from the store, a box full of 6 pet shop dogs,cats, birds ect ect..  All I could think about while buying them is it would be great to make a small bag for her to tote them around town ...
so I bought some little pet shop fabric, and sewed a little drawstring bag, complete with satin ribbon.
Lu was grumpy bc I have not made her one yet *but I am getting there* but I let her play with it put her pets in it ....
and she tied it up, now I guess I am off to make more ... next time I am gonna put seperate puches on the inside for each pet to have their own space!

Happy Sewing
*sorry my post have been all about "sewing" lately, I've actually been just whipping up small projects, I have been working on a "babyshower" can't wait to show you all the pics it was awsome so stay tuned for that next week*
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  1. That is so cute! You should make one for a giveaway and I should win! Ha, just kidding, kind of.

  2. Christy- Im not sure how to do a giveaway and I don't think I have enough followers ... Oh and if you win something I sew then you'll see I don't do great straight lines LOL just kidding!

  3. Love the material of choice- we are BIG Pet Shop Animal fans in our house!

  4. I was just kidding about the giveaway, but it's your blog and you can give away whatever you want. You make the rules! Unless some company or person gives you the item to give away...then they might insist on certain rules.

    AND giveaways help your blog get more followers.

    You sew better than I do!