Monday, November 30, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

We have not been able to participate in MTM for a few weeks now, and today I just couldn't deny Lu of her favorite Monday "tradition" she kept reminding me it was Monday! There is no theme today, so she had her Tin for dinner. The top row was a "surprise/dessert" for her she was able to make her on pudding sundae
Top row: cherries, brownie bits, and pudding
Bottom row: Shepards pie :) She ate all her shepards pie, then sat off to make her dessert come to life ...
Mmmm yum!
Joshy got so jealous I had to make him a special treat too LOL!
Stop on over to see more great Muffin Tins


  1. It looks good! Now I want a "special treat"!

  2. Love the new header picture. A new letter is tardy but on it's way :) Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  3. Love the new layout!! Looks like you had a great back to muffin tin Monday meal too!

  4. I love the make your own pudding sundae. My husband would have wanted to try it too.

  5. I would have never pulled that off, my daughter would have done dessert first. Cute tin and welcome back!