Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kids In the Kitchen- Andes Mint Cookies

GOODMORNING AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM MY FAMILY TO YOURS!!!!!! I was unsure about posting this on Thanksgiving, I may not have many participants, but thats okay, this is a week for cooking, so if you've put something on your blog in the last week or so link it up! I am still on my search for the best Christmas cookies, last week I ruled those out right away due to the crunchy factor! This week however I have a contender!!! These are FABULOUS! I actually want to do some changes to them .. and when I do that I will get back to ya'll on how they are! They are PERFECT just like this, but I have an idea, so I am gonna run with it, and probably make these again next week with my spin on them! (I will also make a "new" cookie I've never tried to make before next week)This week I am doing it differently .. I've posted a bunch of pictures then I am gonna give ya'll the link where I recieved the recipe from! I love these simple pictures of Lu!

I found the step by steps here, this is DEFINATLEY a cookie worth making, especially if you love andes mints! so good! And funny enough better the second day!
Please link up your kid friendly recipes, your kids in the kitchen, your favorite kids cook books and more!!!

I just would like to take a moment to wish you all A Very Happy Holiday season! I am so thankful for my famil, especially my husband and daughter, they make me who I am, they make me wanna be a better wife and mom and I am truly blessed! Also I am thankful for all my blogger friends, all the people that follow the blog, the ones that keep me posting regularly! Thank you!
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  1. Oh wow - I would love these. Another cookie to add to my list?!?

  2. they are so good Sarah, next time I am gonna make basic choc chip cookie and instead of adding choc chips gonna add chopped up andes mints (I guess that defets the purpose of choc chip cookies, but I was just gonna use the base recipe) and still spread mint goodness on the top :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  3. We mad these for Santa Sherry. They were a huge hit.