Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kids in The Kitchen Thursday-Banana Balls

I found the recipe for our post today on a "grandparenting" site. I didn't even know they had specific sites out there for grandparents to do activites with their grandchildren, I just really thought grandparents could do the same activites as parents? I don't know but the internet surprises me EVERYDAY! Here is the link to the recipe I used! This was a great recipe, It was quick, allowed me to use only 1 banana (which is what I had) and it allows you to use a ripe banana, I never know what to do with those left over ripe bananas I can make banana bread or muffins, but I usually only have 1 or 2 left that are "ripened" by the time everyone gets their hands on them. So here it is ...
Banana Balls
You'll need to peel one banana *in this picture Lu is making sounds with her mouth ... multitasking little girl, is entertaining J, the little boy I babysit on Weds., and cooking It was quite humorous* Place the banana in a bowl, and mash with a fork!
Throw in some nuts *we used walnuts, approximatley 2 handfuls, the more nuts, the thicker the consistancy of the mush will be*
Dash or 2 or 3 or 4 if you really want, of cinnimon *YUM* we like cinnimon in this house, and Lu was getting a little ahead of herself in this part!
Then roll the the mush into balls ... yes she was trying to roll and eat at once I told you shes multitasking!
This is what they should look like, one banana should get you 6 good sized banana balls. I froze them and that turned out well, when refridgerating them they are still a little mushy!
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  1. Those look really good...they would probably be really good dipped in some chocolate too, although less healthy that way :0) We used bananas for our Kids in the Kitchen too. I will have it up later today. Have a great day!

  2. I love this. Nice and simple. I think my little guy will prefer simple recipes. He likes doing things "all by myself"! I may have to borrow this recipe ;)

    Oh and it looks like bananas may be popular this week!

  3. I'm going to guess you didn't eat these =) My kiddos would love them, though!

  4. I think my boys would like these--we'll have to try it sometime.

  5. What fun! I have bananas on my grocery list, so we'll try making some of these too!

  6. We made these recently. I thought they would be really good dipped in chocolate.