Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kids in The Kitchen Fillo Cups

Welcome to Kids in The Kitchen Thursday! Go get your kids, run in the kitchen and starting making some good food! If you've been reading my Kids in The Kitchen Post since school started about 4 weeks ago, then you know 2 things, number 1 being that We've been EXTREMELY busy, and number 2 that I am trying to find GREAT snack ideas that are quick and easy, yet fun, and different! Yesterday I totally HIT THE JACKPOT! Every time I go to the store I stand in the frozen food section for 20 mins looking at Fillo Shells, wandering if they are worth the $1.75 and what would I ever do with them, but last shopping trip I bit the bullet and bought them! This week they become our kids in the kitchen project, so simple, yet so fun, and so many things you can do with them! And their website gives great ideas too! We made 3 choices for snack....
P-nut Butter Banana
Slicing up the bananas...

1 scoop of p-nut butter (Her smile is so sweet today!)
a pinch or two of brown sugar!
A squeeze of honey ... and mix lightly. Put into the Fillo shell.
Our second version, all Lu did was mix some yoplait yogurt (strawberry banana flavor) she sliced up one strawberry and mixed it in with the yogurt and plopped it into the fillo cup!
Delish right? Mouth waterin good! And I love the way they look!
And for my snack ... this shrimp salad delight! I was peeling shrimp for last nights dinner, and had to sneak a couple in, so Lu mixed some shrimp, chives, mayo, and lemon juice for me (oh and salt and pepper)
She enjoyed them, and I enjoyed knowing there is yet another snack I can make YAY!
Grab my button and join right in! Let us know your secrets to getting your kids to eat veggies, your favorite kids cookbook, your favorite kid friendly recipe, or your kids helping you cook! Its so nice to know this is "my time" with Lu cooking, and sharing laughter in the kitchen! So join in and show us your family's fun!


  1. These look so pretty! I can imagine all of the pretty possibilities :)

  2. I have always wondered what to do with those. I'll have to try them. Thanks.