Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kids In The Kitchen 4th Of July Goodie

I found this really great treat here when I was browsing the net the other day!
Looked nice and simple and delish, so Lu and I set out to make it!
We had most of the items on hand, and added a few of our "own" touches
We used pretzels *a couple handfuls*, about 12 oreo cookies, a handful of choco cheerios and a handful of honey nut cheerios, almond bark and M&M's ... YUM!
As pictured above Lu broke all the pretzels in half, and the oreos into small pieces, & threw on the cheerios. The Above picture is what is should look like before the almond bark goes on top!
I melted the almond bark and Lu put some red & blue M&M's over top, she was 3 steps ahead of me :) I wasn't done pouring the almond bark before she was already putting on the M&M's silly girl!
This is what is should look like now, let dry for about 30 mins or more THEN ....
Break into pieces, put in a nice big mug and let your guest have at it!! It was SOOO Yum and alot better than I expected! And to think, you can make so many variations :)
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  1. Just so adorable! I love red, white, and blue...

    I HOPE to be linking up later glad to see your "back!"

  2. That sounds like something my kids (and me too!) will love. Thanks!

  3. Looks delicious! Here's ours:

  4. Ok you should make some for your mom! lol