Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

I just love reading other people's blogs, I get such great ideas and such. This year I wasn't sure about doing a Teacher Appreciation gift because I couldn't come up with a "good gift" then I ran across this I love that blog! And what a GREAT Idea! So I sat out on a trip to Wally World and came up with this.
First I found a box in the tackle section, also you could find one in the craft section (but they are actually about 2 bucks cheaper in the tackle section for nearly the same thing) I cut out some blue paper for the top of the box and dressed it with matching ribbon *Sorry it looks messy, I blocked out the teacher's name for her privacy*
Then I filled it with 2 things of hand sanitizer, some butterfly post its, highlighters, push pins, binder clips, and jolly rancher hard candies. I think it looks bright, and festive!! It also has all things in there I know she could use! And its better than a mug or an apple =)! I think we hit the teacher Jackpot this year and I am thankful everyday for Lu's teacher, especially after the bad experience we had last year. Now only if I can get this lucky until she finishes high school!!!
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  2. Thanks for the sweet words; I love your blog too and one of these weeks I'll actually remember to link up to Kids in the Kitchen.

    I never would have thought to look in the tackle section. Yours looks great!

    I think I'm going to cry at the end of the year because I seriously don't think anyone can measure up to his teacher. Isn't it great to have good teachers?

  3. Wow, i love this! And im sure her teacher will too :)