Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Super Simple Bird-Feeders

The birds are chirpping loud and clear every morning! It's Spring *but feels like summer* and I saw this super simple bird-feeder a while back on a blog *don't remember which one* so we gave it a try!
I cut out some shapes from cardboard *from an old box in the garage*  punched a hole at the top, and Lu spread p-nut butter on both sides, then sprinkled bird-seed all over the p-nut butter!
I used some ribbon and hung it from the tree.
And if you are sneaky you can catch your kiddo off in the corner of the yard lickin the p-nut butter off the butter knife lol!
Shes been watchin the squirrels attack the "bird feeders all morning" shes amazed!!! Super easy and Super fun! We made 2, but you can make all different shapes and sizes and hang them from every tree in the neighborhood :)


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  2. How fun! This is my first time at your blog, I came from Ramblings of a crazy woman link up.

  3. what a fun and easy craft to do... I know my kids will love doing this.

  4. We did this awhile back This Bakery is for the Birds, and Emily had a great time! Looks like Lu did too!!

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