Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kids In The Kitchen - Big Helper

Today's Kids in The Kitchen post was switched at the last minute. I had something new and interesting for you all ... but my little Lu asked if she could help me make her lunch for school today, since this was her first time attempting a sandwhich, I had to post it =) proud mom!
She choose pb&j and if you look closely at the jelly picture, her face is more of an adjitated look rather than a smile she said "Mom my Jelly is not spreading, it always spreads for you ... can you show me your tricks?" LoL how I love her! And the she wanted to cut watermelon into chunks, she would eat watermelon all day long if I let her! Paired with cookies, yogart, and water she was all set! And Next week I will post what I was going to this week! I sometimes think you don't have to be all fancy and elaborate just to help good ole' mom in the kitchen =)
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