Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tierney's First Handmade Outfit!

Have you ever noticed there are no Halloween costumes that will fit a 2 week old? HA! Yes it's true. So then what do you do if your sewing skills are not quite good enough to make a costume and your local fabric store had run out of Halloween fabric? *Yes the very small Joann Fabric, only fabric store within a half hours drive is OUT of Halloween fabric* compromise of course, and you make a Florida Gator's outfit, and send her to the Halloween party as a "Gator Fan" and you are sure to have one HAPPY Daddy, because of course he ADORES the gators! *even though they are playing miserably this year*
You can find the skirt tutorial here, I love this blog! Have you ever visited it? Talented girl, that has my style of crafting!
Then of course the onesie, just cut a simple heart and sewed it right on, easy peasy!
The bow tie/hairbow was simple too! I sorta kinda followed this tutorial I basically halfed her measurments, because if I would have made it regular size then you wouldn't be able to see Tierney's head LOL!


  1. LOVE how it came out! That Daddy and baby picture is adorable!

  2. Oh Sherry, she is so beautiful and that outfit is precious. I love the picture of her with Daddy.

  3. Thanks for your comment. I had planned on doing a tutorial for the skirt, but I can do one for the leggings as well. I should get them up fairly soon. I love the Halloween idea!